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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 2.1.3
  • Date Updated: 2011-10-31
  • Developer: AndRexx

TwoTouch Timer Beta 2.1.3 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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* Beta Test - see guide below. *

An easy to use quick-start countdown timer, alarm clock and stopwatch application.

Featuring -

Desktop widgets

Vibrate options

Custom Snooze feature

Record Laps on stopwatch

Repeating Alarms

User selectable alarm sounds

One touch start for common countdown timers

Preset timers

Internal alarm list

Alarm names

Turn off ads option

Trigger stopwatch at alarm

Notification options

Timer buttons can be hidden or displayed

New features in V2:

A new List function allows creation of an internal list of timers and alarms for those who do not want to create desktop widgets.

Some options have been added which may help users with certain devices.

Changes have been made to improve recovery of timers after phone off. This should allow timers to survive the phone-off time zone changes often produced by air travel.

Displays can now show up to 999 hours.

The reset icon can now record lap times.

A new option allows a notification while an alarm clock is set.

Notes -

Ads require internet access. If ads are not OK, please try the paid version.

The OneTouch and TwoTouch apps differ only in the fast start option default setting.

This version will likely be the last to support Android 1.5/1.6.

* Beta guide -

This is a beta test for the new version of the OneTouch/TwoTouch Timer application.

There are likely still bugs present in the application.

There may be frequent changes to the beta.

Chinese and Korean translations are not yet updated.

Since developers are not allowed to respond to market comments, all problem reports and change requests should be sent to the developer email address -

Change Log -

V2.0.1 -

Improve Archos 7 tablet alarmclock format on list.

Skip unneeded 1st updatewidget call.

Fix for widget countdown timer showing tenths sometimes.

Fix app name in widget select list.

V2.0.2 -

if full purchased-kill ads in free,

chg name not updating AC notify,

AC notify not room for big names,

force keylock release in OnPause.

V2.0.3 -

restore missing string file change

V2.0.4 -

force keylock hold at ring,

set option notifyifset was not setting notify,

AC notify was not restored on boot,

select AC notify now displays AC screen if not list,

widget AC alarm was causing base icon select to open widget

V2.0.5 -

add call to turn off screen lock at ring,

release keylock hold at stopring,

add option to allow clear of AC notify

V2.0.6 -

fix null ptr FC err when reset called from list screen,

only reenable keyguard lock in key exit if success code

V2.0.7 -

fix FC when app paused while options open, then unlock and select option,

skip unlock if not locked to eliminate flicker,

fix switch to timer screen on timer alarm,

fix laptime toast format error

V2.0.8 -

fix FC when time button customize longpress selected 1st thing then back

V2.0.9 -

fix num fmt fc err in getads,

npe fc err in onstart when getaction=null,

move select code to onresume to fix ac notify select,

fix - SW disp has AC button after widget alarm although timer disp is non-zero

V2.1.0 -

fixes to correct list formats for shortime and f24,

chg list delete popups to say timer,

chg AC notify select to broadcast,

stop snooze cancel from closing app,

fix start-on-alarm list updates,

fix snooze/start-on-alarm conflicts

V2.1.1 -

fixes to correct list formats for delete button and ac display on low res screens,

fix NPE FC in setname,

fix blue select background

V2.1.2 -

Xoom (hon

System Requirements:

No special requirements

TwoTouch Timer Beta 2.1.3 Free Download screenshot